INTRODUCTION OF RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves and wireless labeling to automatically identify objects, humans and animals without power source required for passive tags. Tag is wirelessly sends bits of data when it is triggered by a reader.

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Taking attendance with the use of RFID where staffs and students will only need to scan their ID card at readers available at entrances of relevant locations.TAS will be using an RFID reader which is more cost effective as a Personal Computer (PC) or controller is not required to be attached to the reader.

The reader is functional during offline and is able to store up to 11,000 entries. This is a useful feature especially during network downtime. Centralization of information can be done between all locations and departments. Data is recorded through electronic archive. This reduces paperwork, and provides complete reporting and auditing capabilities.

The solution for TAS takes into consideration the complete attendance taking modules which are integrated seamlessly with each other, as well as the use RFID technology as the student ID & staff ID.

The solution identifies the major framework represented by the three different layers:
Business Logic components with workflow to tie-in the different components
Common Services
Common Channels

The top layer is the core business process which integrates key functional processes in TAS. The business process comprises of the various key functions:
Attendance Management
Exam Attendance Management
Time Table Management
Hardware Management.


Save time and no error- software automated time attendance calculation.
Save cost- no need to stock up punch cards, reduce HR personals.
All clocking time is stored in software database for easy search & review- no more bulky filings.
Fast reporting to show employee late-in, early out, total work time, total overtime, break time etc...
Easy integration with 3rd party advanced time attendance or payroll software.
Higher accuracy- reader clock are automatically synchronized to PC clock.

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