Hotel One Card Solution

Hotel One Card Solution provide you basic and yet simple features you will need to manage your hotel operations. It increases protection against vandalism and eases usage for hotel guests and maintenance services.

A intelligent door lock system are designed to assure short, economic and efficient servicing without compromising its required build- reliability for security and the software provides easy to use interface and it is customizable to suit your hotel management without the need to change hardware. It is a Hertzian waves (HW) technology lock for card detection which to minimize power wastage thereby sustaining stability in card detection and lengthening of battery life.


Control vandalism activity by authorized visitor and reduce robbery or hostile intrusion event.
Report generated easily base on daily, monthly and yearly access log to closely monitor for any suspicious in/ out.
Building manager can manage and control all user profile who is allowed to use the elevator by a centralized software.
Enable the authorized card holders to access the specified floor
Hotel can set the specified floor by the hotel lock software.
Avoid people beside hotel guest to enter hotel room floors.

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